At Stiles Advisors, our Certified Public Accountants strive to improve your bottom line through cost effective management and accounting of operating costs and reporting for employee expenses, management costs, payroll, taxes, as well as costs associated with overhead including benefits, equipment and software.


When you partner with Stiles Advisors, you gain more than accountants. You get allies and access to trusted advisors. We help you look beyond the ledger and develop the vision needed to proactively adapt to a changing environment. Our relentless pursuit of every possible advantage compels us to seek out the facts and implement the proper procedures to help you accomplish your goals.


We help small businesses and individuals succeed by preparing detailed books and filing taxes and returns timely. This is one of the many reasons so many small businesses use our services year after year. We are very adept at tailoring bookkeeping services to the needs of small businesses and individuals and then preparing tax returns.


Whatever situation is prompting the need for a valuation of a company, it’s critical to work with a firm that offers the right mix of expertise, experience and guidance. While there are many firms that can conduct a valuation, very few have the know-how that comes from years of valuing companies and preparing the resulting reports for many purposes. At Stiles Advisors, we can conduct a business valuation, whether you’re selling the company or using it as a management tool.

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